Sep 18, 2009
I'm still 18!

So far it is a lot of fun, if not very similar to 17. I haven't been out to any 18+ places yet, but I did get asked how old I was today and I got to say I was 18, and that felt very special.

For my birthday I got stuff! :D My sister gave me a book and some chocolates, and my parents gave me another book, a couple of DVDs, a MARIO KEYCHAIN THING THAT MAKES SIX DIFFERENT MARIO NOISES, some earbud headphones, and a GHD STRAIGHTENER. KJHUGYTFGHKJ.

I had to go to college in the morning but I only went for a couple of hours. :| Then off to Gencon!

It was so much fun! If I go again on Sunday or next year I'm going to have to write down the order I do stuff in or something, because I seriously cannot remember what I did today. But I'll try my best. :D

Before we got there my friend had to spend forever setting up her cosplay in the bathroom at college and painting her face and all, but it was totally worth it. She was a bitchin' Harley Quinn (the new Arkham Asylum one, not the old one, but she's done that cosplay too) especially for a costume that wasn't put together too far in advance.

Anyway then we went to Gencon.

First off when we walked in I went straight for the bunch of 360 setups near the entrance and played Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 for a bit with one of my friends.

After we got bored of that we milled around a bit, and I bought a little 1up mushroom to hang off my bag because I don't have nearly enough geeky things hanging off it. One of my friends bought a WoW figuring from there and later another friend bought a keyblade. But I got distracted after that because someone told me there was a Left 4 Dead cosplay group around the corner. :O

They were missing a Zoey.

I have the jeans/hoodie/hair for Zoey. :( And I nearly went as Zoey today! I was pissed that I didn't because I would have fit in so well. But I made friends with them regardless! They were good fun people.

The Louis was white, but it's okay, because he spoke all black and held his gun sideways to make up for it. See? It's sideways in that picture.

There was cosplay chess as well!

Snake is in the box!

I also met a very friendly Stormtrooper when I was watching the cosplay chess! :O

I was like "give me thumbs up!" and he did. He talked a few times but I didn't really understand him so I sort of just nodded and took more photos of him.

Me and a few other friends went back to Southbank for lunch at one point. I saw a bunch of ibises trying to eat out of this hot food container and I thought it was the cutest thing so I took about 20 photos.

That picture looks a lot more impressive if you assume that it found the potato gem in the box and ate it, but actually my friend just threw it at him.


Or it was complete until I found him later and got to wear his head and that actually happened two or three times.

Probably the most attractive photo of me that has ever been taken.

The parts of the day that I missed included worrying about how much money I spent, purchasing a hat and probably more that I forgot about, making more convention friends, talking a lot, watching a SSBB tournament, going in a TF2 tournament, and mooooore! Two of the TF2 matches were recorded and they'll be up on LanSmash at some point with narration, so I will link to them then.


So I was on Dailybooth tonight, taking photos of my cool new Gencon stuff, and I saw that one of the guys I was following commented on a picture from this other guy. A thumbnail of the picture they commented on shows up to the left of their comment and it was a barely legal fake-blonde girl with no shirt on and 200 written on her boobs, barely covering the essential parts with her hands.


Notice I said it was a guy's page. For some reason this other girl decided to willingly take a photo of herself topless with 200 written on her boobs so this other guy could upload it to his page when he hit 200 followers? OH, HOW SPECIAL.

I went and checked out the girl's page and it's actually pretty sickening. I went back a few pages and she didn't seem all that bad in the start, it's just like she decided that she wanted to be more famous on the internet so she started losing clothes to get more desperate teenagers to follow her.

It's so fucking ridiculous. But to get the full idea, let me quote some of the comments I made on said picture, and the comments I received in reply.
My original comment:

Probably the most ridiculous picture I've ever seen on Dailybooth. :|

Congratulations on letting the internet know just how skanky you are.
Posted by the guy who uploaded the image:

@panique get a life, get swift covered!
Posted by the girl in the image:

@panique ... Have you not seen the other pictures like this on db?
Please get a life if you enjoy insulting people you dont know?

My reply:

Baww. And no, I haven't seen the other pictures like this on Dailybooth, but honestly the fact that there are ones similar to this disgusts me. How old are you, 16, 17? It's ridiculous for you to be posting topless pictures of yourself on what is basically a social networking site where people as low as 13 years old are allowed to sign up.

The site itself was such a nice idea, and it's sad that people have to go and ruin it like this.
Posted by the guy who uploaded the image:

@panique if you're not happy with the RULES. Don't come ranting here at people because the rules state if you're over 16 you can post anything you like, you don't like it? Block me and move on.
My reply:

It's the internet, I can rant and rave about whatever I want. I don't care what the rules state, I still find it disgusting that there are people so young coming on here and posting pictures of themself in nothing, barely covering themselves up. I don't care if you think differently but I find it a very sad statement on society.
Posted by someone else:

@panique if the first thing you notice about this photo is that she is 'nude' you are dirty. I noticed first her lovely face, then was like, "Oh, her hands are covering her boobs" I don't see that as skanky tho. If it was full frontal nudity, then yes, it would be. Also, this isn't a social networking site, it's more of a photo sharing site.
(this guy totally came back and commented on one of my photos saying I was prettier so he is fully forgiven, because I'm tremendously vain like that)

panique shut up, you're probably if not are a loser cunt.
go get a life.
Posted by me, in reply to the other guy:

You've got to be fucking kidding. Her 'beautiful face' is covered by the majority of her hair, anyway. Stop kidding around.
Oh, and I told the INTERNET WHITE KNIGHT! that she wouldn't sleep with him for defending her. After all, he has a right to know.

Why would I think that you absolute bellend. Listen to yourself, stop using such stupid unoffensive terms like "Internet white knight" to try and sound clever.

Just stating my opinion.. you're a twat. :)
I'm not.. actually sure what he was trying to say? INTERNET WHITE KNIGHT isn't really something I say when I'm trying to sound clever.

Good God.

I don't even know why it bothers me so much. Just the fact that this girl is 17 years old and going around posting topless pictures of herself on the internet. I don't see how any 17-year-old with the slightest bit of dignity could do that. Does she have some sort of desperate need to have people on the internet tell her how beautiful she is (seriously, you guys! Her face! Not just her boobs! Seriously!)?

Some people are so fucking retarded and I don't even know why.

Edit: So I just went back to grab a link for someone and apparently the picture was deleted for some reason. Ha.


I just think the world today have an obsession with the youth being more slutty and acting like is a social norm

Kinda sad how the world seems to be turning that way

By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 19, 2009 at 1:10 AM  

Pictures may be deleted but nothing is truly gone from teh internets. all that is needed to obtain something is a /r/equest

By Blogger The Beastiophiles, at September 19, 2009 at 5:19 AM  

OH MY GOD THAT BOWSER HEAD THING IS MASSIVE. Just looking at the size of it on you must make me ask, was it really heavy? Lucky you didn't go outside, you would've got some pretty weird looks. If you could see out of that thing.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 22, 2009 at 6:56 AM  

that seems like fun and the weather looks so nice there :< so nice and warm and hot and sunny and niceeeee, it's gross and cold here. i've never been to one and i don't actually hear about them other than from people who've already went. i'd like to know how word gets out!

and wut, dailybooth. richie and i were talking about it a few days ago and he's like, i bet some emo gurlz are totally going to slut it up and i guess he was right! all networking sites (facebook, twitter, dailybooth) are being used for that now so it's not really a surprise to me!

and the fact that they're acting like it's priceless art is very lolable. if i saw that, i wouldn't say anything - let the girl go and get stalked by some internet pedophiles and raped or something a few weeks later.

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