Aug 22, 2009
My laptop is busted. :(

I got it in January 2008 and even though it had slowed down a bit since then, it still seemed fine apart from the occasional freeze. On Friday it froze and I had to shut it down, and spent the next few hours trying to run startup repairs and trying to do everything I could to get it to start up again. Used my sister's laptop to Google similar problems and most of them were easily solved, but one of them mentioned that if the solutions weren't working it could be a problem with the hard drive. Got into the BIOS and did a hard disk self check, and after a minute or two it finished and said I needed to replace it. My laptop is still under warranty but the warranty placed is closed on weekends, so I'm going to have to call on Monday. One of my friends had the same problem and sent her laptop away and it took them weeks to fix it, so I'm not too excited. Ugh. No TS3 or anything until I get it fixed. :\


I hate using Notepad for making layouts, but I doubt this computer can run CS4 well so if I want to replace this old layout I guess I'm stuck with it.


You are really determined to change your layout. Either way, it sucks that your lappy's hard disk died. Looks like you'll be using a desktop for a long while.

By Blogger Randolf, at August 23, 2009 at 6:09 PM  

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