Jul 17, 2009
My blog has comments now! Hooray. Unfortunately I forgot to add them to the layout I made yesterday, so if anyone is actually going to use it, they won't have comments unless they add them in themselves. The page I used to add them in is here. I'd really like to start another layout, but I'm so uncreative. All my layouts usually end up the same - small font, pretty small container, boring colours and in the top-left corner. Usually image-free too because I'm not the greatest with images, especially not when they need to be integrated into a layout around them. I didn't pay enough attention in HTML last semester.

I ended up going out tonight with a couple of my friends to The Bunker, an internet cafe in the city. We started at the Cyber Lounge but the atmosphere was sort of.. cramped. And dark. And it was full of WoW nerds.

Also they didn't have Left 4 Dead, and that's what we wanted to play.

I had a friend working there, and he let us play Counterstrike for a while without charging us, but eventually we left to check out the two other net cafes in the area. The Bunker was just across from the Cyber Room, and the atmosphere was a lot nicer. The walls were brick too, so that was pretty cool. It was laid out nicer, and we all got computers next to each other, so that helped. But most important, it had L4D! We spent about one and a half hours on the Dead Air campaign on advanced. I was playing as Bill and my friends were Louis and Francis, and for the first few minutes we had Zoey on A.I. Someone joined but left pretty fast, and shortly after that another guy joined and played through the rest of the campaign with us. Unfortunately we never got around to finishing. We got stuck on the stupid final. The furthest we got was the gas tank at 3/4 full, but then a second tank came along and incapacitated all of us. I wanted to keep going but my friends were already quitting.

It was already about 8:30pm by then. Me and one of my friends had made plans to bleach/dye the underside of my hair tonight, but by the time we went and ate something and waited forever in the line, it was 9pm, and all the chemists and pharmacies were closed.

After that I just went home. And that was my night! How exciting.


PING PONG DOOR. I want this.


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