Jul 29, 2009
10. Fully-stocked tables of guns and ammo are unlikely to be conveniently placed wherever you find yourself at the start of an attack of the infected. I guess the upcoming Left 4 Dead 2 (ooh, scary) is a little more prepared in that sense, seeing how they do incorporate melee weapons into the game more should your gun prove itself worthless. Although really, if a gun isn't doing anything to a zombie running straight for me, a frying pan backed up by my strength probably won't either.

09. What makes a safe room safe? If the infected can break down doors, then I guess you're going to have to find a room with a pretty strong door to serve as your safe room. But once you're in, what are the odds of that room having a second strong door leading out to a new area? Once the infected claw their way through all that metal, you're screwed.

08. Assuming you find yourself a safe room with two strong doors that the infected can't get through (not quickly, anyway), what are the odds of it being a room with the real life equivalent of medpacks, pills, guns and piles of ammunition?

07. Speaking of ammunition, can anyone reload a gun as fast as the survivors need to in order to stay ahead of the horde? I assume any survivors would be pretty shaken up over the whole situation, so I can't imagine that anyone would be reloading their gun all too fast.

06. A teamkill is a teamkill. Once you shoot down whoever happens to jump in front of you, they're gone! None of this "damn it Francis that was mean now help me up" crap. This would screw me over because I am the worst teamkiller ever.

05. Does anyone even know how to use a medpack? What's inside them? Bandages or whatever, I guess. Either way it's probably going to involve sitting down and actually opening the medpack instead of waving your arms around vaguely in front of your injured comrade.

04. Even pistols will eventually run out of ammo.

03. Where are all these bottles of pills coming from? And how come in L4D you apparently take the whole bottle at once? Maybe there's no infected attack and they're all just high off prescription meds. In the event of me being a survivor, I think I'd be staying away from the random bottles of pills strewn about the streets. Just to be on the safe side.

02. Against all odds, let's say you make it to some final area of your zombierun. An abandoned townhouse, or a airport runway, who knows! Once you get there you just better cross all of your fingers and toes that you have some way to contact the military or someone outside of your city or else all that running was for nothing and you really may as well have just collected the pills and got high before the zombies clawed out your eyeballs.



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