Nov 21, 2009

Sick of this URL, and finally got around to resetting my Blogger account for my main email, instead of having to use a second one just for this. Updates will be there from now on!

Nov 18, 2009

Some requests, some for fun. Real update later. Bye!

Nov 3, 2009
I set my alarm for 10am today, aiming to get up and get some stuff done that I needed. I woke up at 9am, realised I could have an extra hour of sleep, fell asleep again, turned alarm off at 10am, woke up at 1pm. FML.

Wanted to go to the bank and sort out my PayPal stuff and try getting a debit card, so I can start going through my clothes to sell some on eBay. I need to go into college sometime to withdraw from my course and get my stuff from semester 1 so I can apply into the one I want next year.

I have to send my laptop away for repairs, again.

I need to go to the dentist sometime.



Oct 30, 2009
Just nothing to blog about. Boo.

Been playing Luna Online a lot. I play on Crescent and my IGN is Panique, if you want to join me. :)

Oct 15, 2009
Pani says (12:07 AM):
Well I had just settled down to play FlyFF with Portia.
When suddenly, people were at my door!
And they were all "we're here" on my phone.
And I was all "go away, I'm playing a game"
And then Dad answered the door and was all "YOU HAVE VISITORS, COME DOWN"
And I was like "DAMMIT"
But then they were all "let's go to the casino"
And I was like "but I'm PLAYING"
And they were like "COME ON WE'RE GOING TO THE CASINO"
Pani says (12:08 AM):
So I had to come back up here to ask Portia if she'd still be here in 2 hours and she said she would.
(but she's not)
(but I'm not mad at her)
So I said "FINE" and put on my boots and got in Patrick's car.
Then we went to the casino.
And I won $40 on the poker machine with dragons on it.
(the dragons were my friends)
And then I got that changed into 2 $20 notes.
Pani says (12:09 AM):
And then Patrick wanted to play blackjack, so we went upstairs and he won $15.
Then we went back downstairs to my lucky dragon machine so I could play with Ashton's dollar, but she didn't win, so I tried again with two of my dollars because I had some change in my bag.
But I didn't win so I apologised to her.
Then Patrick's mother called him and needed him to drop some keys off to her.
So he dropped off me and Ashton at Nick's, since it was nearly 11 and we couldn't all be in the car.
Pani says (12:10 AM):
Then he gave his keys to his mother, and came back and got me, and dropped me home.
And here I am!
$40 richer.

And that was my night.